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Homecare Solutions Overview

Similar to our hospital and long term care markets, AME established multiple solutions specifically designed for better care; specifically, when a patient returns home or has entered in a hospice program.

Specialized Product Solutions:

AME is a full service medical equipment provider. Additionally, AME has developed the following unique programs for specific situations.

  1. Home wound care program - Often quality wound care stops at the hospital or nursing home. AME leverages its focus on wound care to provide the same high quality products and services for patients at home. Please visit for more information.
  2. Home accessibility program - As an ambulatory situation complicates mobility, few times is the home environment made accessible. AME has developed a comprehensive set of solutions including: modular exterior ramps, vehicle lifts, stair lifts and other home accessibility solutions. AME is proud to have been featured on the TODAY Show for our unique solutions.
  3. Home Respiratory Solutions - A home oxygen therapy diagnosis, need not be the end of freedom. AME has partnered with the maker of the Eclipse ( The result is a portable oxygen concentrator that can be used bedside, in the car, on an airplane, at the park. It eliminates the need for gas cylinders and enables a better quality of life for an oxygen patient.
  4. Retail Solutions - many items needed for good homecare are not covered by insurance and difficult to find, AME makes selecting and buying home medical products easy with its (6) retail locations and on-line ordering.
  5. Hospice Solutions - The equipment and services for the hospice patient are usually a necessary evil for hospice agencies. AME has responded with an end to end solution for the hospice agency, incorporating both standard and specialty products.

Simple ordering and delivery process:

Working with a homecare patient and their caregivers, AME makes the process easier than other homecare providers, for example: